Our Innovative Practices

Farming in the 21st century has its challenges — With large corporations controlling the price of crops, yields across the board have dropped dramatically. As a family operation, we have taken large strides to make our processes as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Here are a few examples of our cutting-edge practices:

  • With the development of new equipment accessories, our farm has invested in parts that attach to our tractors and Combine machine. For example, we have added a chopper to the back of our harvesting Combine, eliminating one step of the harvesting process. By adding this piece, we no longer have a mower following the Combine.
  • We practice no-till planting wherever possible, meaning we use the soil as it naturally exists. By not tilling the field, the planting process also loses a step, becoming more efficient.
  • We have added high-floatation tires to our equipment to reduce soil compaction and to expand our planting window into the wetter months of the year.
  • We have also invested money into new equipment to increase harvesting efficiency and cut back on the percentage of crops we lose.
  • By implementing these practices, we have decreased our fuel consumption by 20 percent. This decreases our carbon footprint, while keeping our production costs low.